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Morrisville, NC  |  919-380-3333

At Buehler Motor Group, our passion lies in revolutionizing the world of electric motors. With a rich legacy spanning several decades, we have consistently been at the forefront of innovation, driving the evolution of electromobility and industrial automation. As a collective force, we pride ourselves on engineering excellence, pushing the boundaries of what electric motors can...

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Epping, NH  |  800-287-9000

At Williamson New England Electric Motor Service Corp., our journey is rooted in an unwavering commitment to excellence in the electric motor industry. With a profound understanding of the pivotal role that electric motors play in diverse applications, we have sculpted a legacy of reliability, innovation, and unmatched service.

In the realm of electric motors, we stand as pioneers,...

Williamson New England Electric Motor Service Corp. $$$

Cincinnati, OH  |  800-334-9548

At Matlock Electric Co., Inc., we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the electric motors industry. With a legacy spanning several decades, our commitment to innovation and excellence has solidified our position as a trusted provider of electric motor products and services.

Our diverse range of electric motors caters to the unique needs of various industries, from manufacturing to...

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Arlington, VA  |  703-414-5300

Cobham is a pioneering company that takes great pride in our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of electric motors. With a rich history dating back several decades, we have evolved into a global leader, driven by our passion for advancing technology and shaping the future of electric propulsion.

Our team at Cobham is comprised of dedicated professionals who share a...

Cobham $$$
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Electric Motor Power Pages

AC Motors

AC Motors

An AC motor is an electric motor that uses alternating current to produce mechanical energy using magnetism blended with alternating current. The structure of an AC motor includes coils that produce a rotating...

DC Motors

DC Motors

A DC motor or direct current motor is an electrical machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy by creating a magnetic field that is powered by direct current. When a DC motor is powered, a magnetic field is created...

Electric Motors

Electric Motors

An electric motor is an electric machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Most electric motors work via the interaction of the motor magnetic field and electrical current in a wound wire to...

Fractional Horsepower Motors

A Fractional Horsepower Motor

A fractional horsepower motor is an alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current motor that produces less than one horsepower with an output rating of 746 watts or less. The low power level of fractional horsepower motors makes them...

High Voltage Power Supply

High Voltage Power Supply

A high voltage supply is a power conversion unit that converts low voltage potential to a higher voltage potential with output voltages of 1kV to 360kV with a typical range of 62kV up to 500kV. They can operate with input from...

NEMA Connectors

NEMA Connectors

A NEMA connector is a method for connecting electronic devices to power outlets. They can carry alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). AC current is the typical current found in homes, offices, stores, or businesses...

Power Transmission Equipment

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